Mortgage Woes? Not Necessarily. . . .

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the mortgage crisis. Yes, the mortgage industry is changing. While rates are still low, some of those creative financing opportunities of the past have started to disappear, or become much harder to obtain. Lenders are looking more closely at applications and using different guidelines in the approval process.

But this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to obtain financing, and should not deter qualified buyers from purchasing. Financing is still available in a variety of packages.

“It is very important in today’s market to work with a reputable Realtor and Mortgage professional,” states Ana Zalesky, a Residential Lending Specialist at TIB Bank in the Florida Keys. “We are in a buyer’s market, which means that there are better deals for the borrower.”

There is currently a huge inventory of homes in all price ranges available, making it a great time to buy, especially with today’s lower interest rates. Your mortgage professional can advise you know how much house you can afford, what programs are available for your individual needs and how they work.

There may even be certain tax benefits available to borrowers. Mortgage insurance is now tax deductible. Be sure to check with your tax advisor to see if you qualify for these benefits.

Contributing content by Ana G. Zalesky

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