The Bahia Honda Bridge - Home to a new "green" resort?

The Old Bahia Honda Bridge
The old, no longer used bridges of the Florida Keys Overseas Railroad are icons illustrating the unique history of our island home.  While some have been converted into fishing piers, others battle the elements in a test of time.

Proposed Resort atop the Bahia Honda Bridge
A European development group, Legend Systems Group, has a vision to build a "green" resort atop one of the most recognizable bridges in the Florida Keys - the old Bahia Honda Bridge. 

Proposed Resort atop the Bahia Honda Bridge
Dubbed "The Green Mile Bridge", plans call for approximately 300 rooms of various sizes and budgets, along with three to four restaurants and five to six bars, two transparent swimming pools and a variety of shopping venues. A noiseless "train" will deliver people along the bridge to their rooms and entertainment spots.

The developer submitted a modest proposal to Governor Rick Scott in October, which was forwarded to to the state Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Recreation and Parks.The State did not immediately reject the proposal.

The old Bahia Honda Bridge, is on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered part of the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail.

How will the residents of the Keys react to one of it's beloved icons being turned into a modern resort?

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