Not the typical boat race - The Annual "Anything That Floats" contest is this weekend

The Florida Keys with its beautiful waterfront setting are well known for boating.  It's not unusual to have sailboat races, speedboat races, and more.

But this event is unlike any of the others. In this event, the boats are all homemade - with restrictions. Materials allowed that you can find around your house: cardboard, wood, PVC, duct tape, milk jugs, 5 gallon buckets, saran wrap, old t-shirts, outdoor furniture, old bikes, and pool noodles. Just no motors, inflatable rafts, foam, or pool toys are allowed.

"Boats" need to hold together long enough to hold team members inside during the half-mile dash through a buoyed course set in Blackwater Sound from Key Largo's Caribbean Club to Sundowners and back.

Always a crowd pleaser, this event is sure to be fun for all - both spectators and participants alike.

The race is held on Saturday, August 16th. For more event information, go to