Remodeling - Before and After

When looking at property it's easy to dismiss a property you saw because it didn't have a "wow" factor.  However, sometimes all it takes is a little updating with new furniture and a few well chosen accents to make a huge difference.

This beautiful condo in Ocean Pointe just sold. When it last sold, the new owner wanted to do some remodeling. The unit was in wonderful condition when she purchased, but just a few renovations made it truly beautiful. Here is a view of the living room and kitchen taken before and after. The appliances, cabinets and flooring were all left the same. The new owner added new light fixtures in the kitchen, replaced the granite counter-top with a larger piece, removed the popcorn ceiling and mirror panels on the wall.  Then, she added crown molding, new furniture and decorations, new ceiling fan and new paint. The difference is amazing.

Remember to think about the potential some changes can make when looking at possible properties to buy.