Real estate commissions - how do they work?

For the first time seller or buyer, real estate commissions can be a confusing thing.

To understand who pays real estate commissions -- whether it's sellers or buyers or both -- we need to look at how real estate offices and their agents are paid, and how they share cooperating commissions. 

How Real Estate Commissions Work
*  Real estate agents work for a real estate broker/office.

*  All commissions paid from a sale pass through the broker/office.

*  The real estate broker/office pays their agent a portion of the commissions the office recieves from the sale.

*  While sellers usually work with individual agents, the listing agreement is between the seller and the real estate broker/office.

*  The most common type of listing agreement between a seller and her agent gives that agent's broker the right to exclusively market the home. In return for bringing a buyer to the table, the seller agrees to pay a commission to the broker. Typically, this fee is represented as a percentage of the sales price and is shared between the listing broker and the broker who brings the buyer.

What is the Actual Commission Rate?

It is important to note that commission rates are not fixed and are negotiable but generally range from 5% to 7% of the sales price.  Real estate commissions and transactions vary from state to state, broker to broker and even locations within states can be different. 

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