The Florida Keys Then & Now: Key Largo

MM 99/100, Key Largo approximately 1950's to 1960's
Early Spanish settlers recognized it as the largest of the islands, and named it Cayo de Dose Leguas, or Key of the Twelve Leagues.  In following years, both the post office and main community was known as Rock Harbor. It remained Rock Harbor until a now famous Hollywood movie with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall came to town, giving birth to the name Key Largo.  In true entrepreneurial fashion, civic leaders took advantage of that fame and renamed the island Key Largo.

MM 99/100, Key Largo 2011, from Google Earth
For most of it's history, Key Largo, the gateway to the Florida Keys, has been regarded as a sleepy little Florida town. The same cannot be said for the Key Largo we know now.

The Key Largo of today is considerably different. Lush waterfront estates and a full palette of local restaurants specializing in true Florida Keys cuisine are now plentiful. A wide variety of water-oriented activities are readily available, from fishing and diving to kite boarding and nature walks. Despite it's growth, Key Largo still retains much of the old Florida charm that has attracted visitors for many years.

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